January 31, 2014



   ........... my shades of gray ...............

January 30, 2014



    The best way how to start a chilly day. Even if you may call it early lunch ......That is what happens when you have late breakfast......

January 29, 2014



   I will miss the little things when my kids
   grow up. It is always nice to find small    
   Invitations, dravings, preasents made
   with love arround the house ..... 

January 28, 2014




     I love to look in to her eyes .............

January 27, 2014


It felt like coming home again…..spending time in the mountains with my dearest ones seamed like a miracle to me. The last months are quite busy and there fore I’m thankful for every minute we may spend together. We do say every year, that we go to some new place, but we always return to the same ski resort in the Austrian Alps. It has been the 8th year now. My oldest daughter Tinka has been exact the same age as little Liv now as we spend our first week in Fiss years ago. There is something magical about this tiny village set between the powerful mountains. I find here freedom and peace, time for my self and for all the nice things in life. We have found many friends here in those years and always leave with huge smile on our faces. It is a small peace of heaven above the clouds for me…..