November 26, 2013


Since I was a child, I used to go to the markets. Mostly with my dad, as he found some kind of passion it this activity. Does no mater if I remember the simple markets in Bratislava in the early 80ties, the beautiful markets in Germany and France we used to visit every time on our way to Africa, or the wild, sense full markets full of colors and feasts in Biskra  - my home town for more than 5 years in south Algeria. This memories and pictures are deep in my heart since now. And maybe there fore a look forward for every occasion - to visit an event which looks like market. To one of this belongs my bellowed Dobry Trh – which I take as a tradition already. And now in this winter days I really appreciate the market events in Stratá Tržnica. I clap my hands and cross my fingers for events like this. Fresh food, plenty of friends I haven’t seen in ages, always something new for kids, and this amazing atmosphere. If any one of you finds time, come and visit Stará Tržnica on 21st of December, I’m sure we all will feel the right Christmas in he air that day!

November 22, 2013


It has been a long time since my last post. Thinking about it every day. But I had to set the priorities .... And had no time left for my blog writings at all. Turning back to my older posts, I realize, how the time passes by. Have so much to share, so many pictures I have been taking in last few months...... I know it has been ages :)..... But im comming back!