February 21, 2014



    I like this white background...........

February 17, 2014



Simple joy. That is my feeling after each visit at Stará Tržnica. The concept of market events is so easy but so powerful. Finding good food, chilled people and happy kids at one place gives me so much of the positive energy. As I wrote so many times in the past, visiting markets used to be our hobby I shared with my dad. Now after years, being a mom of three precious girls, I do appreciate events like this even more. This little fingers touching fresh groceries, testing all kinds of freshly made meals, they smiles while playing in the kid’s corner, this all just shows that we are at the right place. And the question “Mom, will we come next time again?” just proves the fact………..to visit the market BECOMES TRADITION….

February 15, 2014



I love to make other people happy. Mostly my girls, my dear hubby, my mum and all the ones I love ….. This is understandable. I like to make small surprises for them now and then. I like it the best, when they don’t expect it. Well, the Valentine ´s day arrived, and there haw been at least two people expecting a LOT!!! My dear little girls. They have been preparing them self for this day for more than a week. Crafting Valentine’s cards for their teachers, and best friends. With big portion of passion! There fore I have decided to make this day special for them. Being busy working the whole week, I got only one hour left for the preparations. What a rush!!!! But I have made it ( even got the balloons – woooohooooo!) - and got very happy little souls as a reward. What a blessing.

And about us grownups???? We share our love every day. And as my dear love left the house for a full day business trip, I did not expect any wonder (like every guy, even the one in my house buys gifts at the last minute. There fore a got my self this beautiful roses by my self and a nice portion of his favorite fresh chees & chocolate for Martin). Guess what, as he arrived back home in the late evening, he turned at me with the probably ugliest bunch of flowers I have ever seen in my life with words “my dear, look what I have for you, aren’t they beautiful……well I Could not get anything better on the way home so late in the evening!”. I looked at hem with a huge smile on my face “they are beautiful”…..and I truly meant it……..the nicest bunch of flowers gifted truly from his heard ………The Valentines day may mean a fake to some of us……but I think we all hope for a piece of romance on Valentine ´s day…….send a bit of my heart to all of you out there…………………

I LIKE ......


      So do my girls !

February 14, 2014

February 10, 2014



Im happy about this shot...... Very nostalgic......



I have been thinking about getting my very personal lucky charm for a long time.  Like most of the things in life, it just needed the right time for realization. After we welcomed our little Liv to this world, I knew right away how my lucky charm is going to look like. Now, few weeks later I wear all the ones I love with me everywhere I go. This finger prints will remind me all may life, how happy I am with my family ……anywhere!

February 04, 2014




Yogurt, berries, banana, honey, cereal......and a strong loud mix..... Thats all i need to get some quick and healthy breakfast in the morning. And the best part is ...... I share it with my little baby Liv ;)

February 03, 2014





Feel like wearing black  for work today. I like the simple mix of leathet & coton. The perfect match for day full of meetings!