February 15, 2014



I love to make other people happy. Mostly my girls, my dear hubby, my mum and all the ones I love ….. This is understandable. I like to make small surprises for them now and then. I like it the best, when they don’t expect it. Well, the Valentine ´s day arrived, and there haw been at least two people expecting a LOT!!! My dear little girls. They have been preparing them self for this day for more than a week. Crafting Valentine’s cards for their teachers, and best friends. With big portion of passion! There fore I have decided to make this day special for them. Being busy working the whole week, I got only one hour left for the preparations. What a rush!!!! But I have made it ( even got the balloons – woooohooooo!) - and got very happy little souls as a reward. What a blessing.

And about us grownups???? We share our love every day. And as my dear love left the house for a full day business trip, I did not expect any wonder (like every guy, even the one in my house buys gifts at the last minute. There fore a got my self this beautiful roses by my self and a nice portion of his favorite fresh chees & chocolate for Martin). Guess what, as he arrived back home in the late evening, he turned at me with the probably ugliest bunch of flowers I have ever seen in my life with words “my dear, look what I have for you, aren’t they beautiful……well I Could not get anything better on the way home so late in the evening!”. I looked at hem with a huge smile on my face “they are beautiful”…..and I truly meant it……..the nicest bunch of flowers gifted truly from his heard ………The Valentines day may mean a fake to some of us……but I think we all hope for a piece of romance on Valentine ´s day…….send a bit of my heart to all of you out there…………………

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