August 20, 2012



Sometimes you don’t need much to be happy! This is totally right in my case. I went with Martin and our friends for boating trip for three days. We headed from Bratislava towards Gabčíkovo, and ended in small village Medveďov. For me it has been a first time on such boat trip. I have to tell, it caught me right in the first minute. Spending time with friends in nature, sleeping in tents, making fire, sailing boats, having plenty of fun – YES! Memories like this make me a happier person. I’m glad I have taken my old water proof camera – the pictures are not that clear, but they catch the most important – FUN WE HAVE HAD!  Do you remember the fun you had this summer?

August 14, 2012



Yes I know…..I have been out of my blog for a while…..sorry about that! There are many things happening at the moment in my life - positive - and they keep me very busy.I have some posts prepared for you; just need some time to get them all ready. Mien while have a look at the beautiful mountains in Slovakia - Donovaly - just to be concrete. It is a place a visit very often, because of my job, which is spread also in to this beautiful part of Slovak nature. Lucky me!

August 06, 2012

AT TENIS......


These pictures are from the late spring – spending time with my kids is always lots of fun. And watching them playing is even bigger fun. My older one loves tennis - this is how they enjoy it J