January 30, 2013



I really like the design of old matches! They remind me on times I have spend at my grandparent’s house when I was little. My grand dad used to have them everywhere. I know it is not a very safe thing to do with small kids, but we never felt the temptation to burn them without grandpa’s attention. Till today I like to use them much more than lighters. The whole ritual of burning matches is kind of magical to me. The sound, the heat the smell……

January 29, 2013



First look on my new photo shoot results!



Hallo there everyone! How are you? I can’t complain at all….being very busy fro the very first day of the new year 2013. I really am. My work keeps me very busy as we are in the tope season at the moment……There fore I appreciate few hours for my biggest hobby – photography. We have had a great day today with Wedday and Hogo Fogo – shooting bridal accessories, styling, dresses and more. Here are the first pictures from the preparations at the very nice Hrad restaurant.  Dont go away……many more lovely pictures are yet to come!

January 17, 2013



I have this little secret garden….one of my passions. Love to dig in the ground in the early spring, plant wedges, fruits and greens, watching my children how they love to play in the garden, eat the results of our work without yearning. It is a treasure – everyone enjoying gardening will understand. And I find this place very magical in winter time. Sleeping, waiting to get ready for spring …………… it is my sleeping beauty!

January 16, 2013



Magic winter time.  Everything covered with snow……..even my sleeping beauty……..coming soon J

January 13, 2013



Some of you coming from Bratislava and near suburbs may know one of the untraditional hideaways near by Bratislava – the organic farm near Stupava. This farm has been opened probably for more than 6 years already.  In my case it’s a great place to visit, as I live very close by. Every time we decide to visit this place with my kids, we spend a very nice time surrounded with animals and beautiful nature. The owners of the farm did it very clever – they actually rebuild traditional old wooden houses (moved from somewhere in central Slovakia) right in the place. Nowadays they offer many activities to the visitors. Plenty of animals, playground for children, little restaurant in a very traditional Slovak way, serving one of the best “halušky”  I ever tested. My favorite is the small shop opened every Saturday and Sunday, where they sale freshly baked bread, cakes, fresh cheese varieties, honey and plenty of other delicious food. Well, if you haven’t been there yet – RUN and see you self J.

You may see more pictures in my FB profile!

January 09, 2013



Only few days have passed since Xmass. The right time to turn back to the memories, which made laugh, smile and to those I surly want forget. I like to spend the Christmas Eve at home, but we staid at my brothers in law house this time – will be the first thing ill remember!!! Why? Well I had no rush while preparing the dinner this time J.
The second - hanging up the Christmas three two days earlier – how cool was that. AND!!!! The first time in my life I bought this shiny and color full Christmas decorations – very untraditional in my case.
The third – the gift I was most happy about – little Monchhichi monkey for little Mia – which made my self more happy then her i think…..well plenty of my childhood memories come along with this tong sucking monkey.
The forth – Eastern in Xmass – my girls have decided to paint RAW eggs…no comment!
The fifth – my beloved Macrons – got afraid I want have time to get them ready this year – but YES I did!
The sixth – lovely gift from my dear husband and my mum…….. They made me really happy J

But the best memory of all will be……………..the warm feeling of being surrounded with the ones I love the most!

January 07, 2013


Just got one of my favorite magazines with the post! Nice way how to start new working week. Marie Claire Idees has been in our family for years. I do remember my mum buying it on our way to Africa while our stop in France, when I was little – one or two magazines for one year (we used to stay for one year and then go back home to Slovakia for two – three months). She used to do so much from it for me and my brother. Different toys, sweaters and plenty of other beautiful things. I really like this magazine J

January 06, 2013



This is what happens when I leave my kids unattended J. Tinka loves to play with Play doo gum. I can leave her for hours to play. She loves to create small animals, cars, shopping baskets, princess and horses…..nearly everything you can imagine. Shi is quite good in it for her age….and she always leaves little gifts and surprises around the house – everywhere! 

January 02, 2013



Happy New Year 2013 to everyone! Hope you did enjoy the brake trough to the New Year surrounded with the ones you love the most. I can’t complain in my case at all. Stepping to the year 2013 with my dearest family and having time to do some work in the same time is the best combination for me. I did not write about it before, but my official occupation is in hotel business. Well and for this year, I have planed “White angels New Years eve” in our hotel. I love to have a plan, I love to put my visions on a paper, and I love the challenges while preparing events like this. 31st of December has been full of exciting minutes, while preparing the event for more than 200 people. I can’t describe how great full I’m for all my hotel colleagues and employees – we did a great job as a team. This fact made my first step in to year 2013 very satisfying. I’m looking forward in to 2013…….lets all have a great year J!