January 09, 2013



Only few days have passed since Xmass. The right time to turn back to the memories, which made laugh, smile and to those I surly want forget. I like to spend the Christmas Eve at home, but we staid at my brothers in law house this time – will be the first thing ill remember!!! Why? Well I had no rush while preparing the dinner this time J.
The second - hanging up the Christmas three two days earlier – how cool was that. AND!!!! The first time in my life I bought this shiny and color full Christmas decorations – very untraditional in my case.
The third – the gift I was most happy about – little Monchhichi monkey for little Mia – which made my self more happy then her i think…..well plenty of my childhood memories come along with this tong sucking monkey.
The forth – Eastern in Xmass – my girls have decided to paint RAW eggs…no comment!
The fifth – my beloved Macrons – got afraid I want have time to get them ready this year – but YES I did!
The sixth – lovely gift from my dear husband and my mum…….. They made me really happy J

But the best memory of all will be……………..the warm feeling of being surrounded with the ones I love the most!

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