January 13, 2013



Some of you coming from Bratislava and near suburbs may know one of the untraditional hideaways near by Bratislava – the organic farm near Stupava. This farm has been opened probably for more than 6 years already.  In my case it’s a great place to visit, as I live very close by. Every time we decide to visit this place with my kids, we spend a very nice time surrounded with animals and beautiful nature. The owners of the farm did it very clever – they actually rebuild traditional old wooden houses (moved from somewhere in central Slovakia) right in the place. Nowadays they offer many activities to the visitors. Plenty of animals, playground for children, little restaurant in a very traditional Slovak way, serving one of the best “halušky”  I ever tested. My favorite is the small shop opened every Saturday and Sunday, where they sale freshly baked bread, cakes, fresh cheese varieties, honey and plenty of other delicious food. Well, if you haven’t been there yet – RUN and see you self J.

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  1. .. takze si nas predbehla :)
    pre mna prijemna pripomienka soboty! dakujem.