February 21, 2013



Spending time with my dear friends is always very pleasant for me.  Maybe that’s the main reason, why I like to invite them to our garden in spring and summer time. Plenty of kids, good food and wine, lots of fun and memories which last for ever are always a good reason, why to have them all around. The snow conditions have become very good in last few weeks even for Bratislava – which is 1000% better than it was last year. Some of you may remember that we had probably 4 to 5 days with snow down here last year! Therefore we decided to do our traditional garden party - but a WINTER one this time. OH MY GOD! What a fun it was. I was so happy for the kids! Snow tubing, skiing – in the garden, building a snow man, eating fresh home made donuts and cakes from grand mums, boiled wine, home made cabbage soup prepared in a kettle, plenty of talks with friends – the time has stopped for a day! I wish we all would have more time to meet often in situations like this one. I’m pumped with positive energy and beautiful memories………………I thank for days like this!

February 17, 2013

February 01, 2013


Tinka & her handstands!

Mia´s favorite Monsterhigh skating girl :)

Shopping at the grocery store :)

Shot from the Bratislava castle.

Blue glasses in IKEA.

Cleaning up the X-mass!

Mia & her headlight :)


I have to admit – I had something against the Apple family for a long time. Then few months ago, I decided to buy I Pad (really useful for work and traveling). But still I tried to resist to I phones. By the end of year my old Nokia switched on for the last time …..I have changed this phone for a new one – Nokia smart phone – as there is no way you may get a normal phone these days without touch screenJ. After only few weeks I had to fight with this “crap” phone of mine (it started to freeze, turn of, was not able to switch it on for hours….and plenty of other stuff!). I had to decide – and as I have been quit e happy with my I pad I decided to switch to the software I knew - Apple! I have been with Nokia since high school, and did not want to search in the endless varieties of software on the market. And why do I write about all this?  I would not change my I phone for anything else today! Since I found out, that I may shoot pictures and catch up the moments in my life in a minute, I became a new person. It does not mean I would change my Canon for it – but it is a nice way how to click the shots, even if I do not have my lovely camera with me! I can catch the time anytime I want……big fun!