February 21, 2013



Spending time with my dear friends is always very pleasant for me.  Maybe that’s the main reason, why I like to invite them to our garden in spring and summer time. Plenty of kids, good food and wine, lots of fun and memories which last for ever are always a good reason, why to have them all around. The snow conditions have become very good in last few weeks even for Bratislava – which is 1000% better than it was last year. Some of you may remember that we had probably 4 to 5 days with snow down here last year! Therefore we decided to do our traditional garden party - but a WINTER one this time. OH MY GOD! What a fun it was. I was so happy for the kids! Snow tubing, skiing – in the garden, building a snow man, eating fresh home made donuts and cakes from grand mums, boiled wine, home made cabbage soup prepared in a kettle, plenty of talks with friends – the time has stopped for a day! I wish we all would have more time to meet often in situations like this one. I’m pumped with positive energy and beautiful memories………………I thank for days like this!

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