July 29, 2012



One of the first blogs I started to follow in the past was Tonbogirls street style blog. Like many other, who follow Marika and her blog, I immediately liked her natural way of describing situations and people she meets. One of her posts got under my skin – a post about an old shoemaker from Jaffa, the old town of Tell Aviv. I grew up in North Africa, and the story about this old men remind me of my years is spend in Sahara. I used to visit old markets and stores with unforgettable history with my parents in Algeria. There fore I promised to my self – if I should visit Jaffa one day – I will try to find this store. As you may know already – I got to Jaffa few days ago – and I’m very happy about the fact, that I bumped into the shoe store by surprise. The old man was just fitting a pair of boots for a lady visiting his store. I was asking hem kindly, if I may take some pictures of the store. “No problem, take as many as you wish” was his answer. We have hade a very nice conversation. About his work, the past, the future, about China and the shoes machinery. He sad: “You know my dear – I don’t have to explain the quality to the people coming to my store - this is 100% leather – and they see it immediately. They know what quality is about.”  He has been absolutely right. I have visited a similar store in Sardinia few years ago – the smell of leather was amazing. I got my pair of sandals in this store. Only because of this, I did not buy a pair in his place……but I know many other will do J………….Great place, great man…….thanks to Tonbogirl!!!

July 26, 2012

July 24, 2012



As it really has been a very short trip…I did not want to miss anything. I red about the old part of Tel Aviv - Jaffa in one of Tonbogirl´s  posts in the past. Without knowing, that I’ll visit this city so soon, I knew I want to see Jaffa one day. After only few hours of sleep I had to fight with my self in the morning. I woke up, had small breakfast and headed to Jaffa. I had only two hours for my “sightseeing” trip! Yeah! It was worth it!!! Call me a "super woman" – I went trough the old town, visited a gallery, found a great jewelry store with beautiful hand made peaces and got surprised at the end (will write about it in my next post). Enjoy my little tour trough Jaffa!!!!

To find out more about the jewelry store – just visit my blog  www.thrillforfashion.blogspot.com

July 22, 2012



I haven’t had so many opportunities like this one in my life yet – visiting a country far away for one day! Well…..got lucky this timeJ. I got the chance to visit the holy land Israel – city of Tel Aviv. I kept thinking my self – what may I do in those 24 hours being in a totally new place. These are some pictures from my first day (better sad afternoon). I was very surprised about the humidity of the air in Tel Aviv – was so HOT & SWEATY! I stayed in a hotel just at the coast …… yummy! My schedule was planed on a minute. First I met my old good friend I know from my travels in Australia – Ori. We went for an early light dinner right at the port restaurant next to hotel. I do never sweat – but hell yes I did sweat this time!!!!! So what! I had one of the best foods in last days ( I keep writing about the food all the time J!) – Baked eggplant with hummus, and plenty of small Israeli fresh dips – like IKRA! We have had a lovely chat…and the time flied. I was invited to one event in the evening so I had to say bye to Ori and get my self ready for the p-a-r-t-y………..lets talk about the rest in the next post J

July 21, 2012



I love to take pictures from behind the scenes. Everyone is concentrating on the step two coming in the proper shoot. I like to capture this moment of preparations. I have been shooting with Evelyn for HOGO FOGO this time and also portrait of Slávka – HOGO FOGO her self! The idea was to shoot both of us – me and Evelyn both ways (I think she has a great future in photography!)……So this is before I shoot Evelyn. The result of my work and the second part – pictures of my self…..coming soon J (I haven’t seen the pictures of my self yet!)