July 22, 2012



I haven’t had so many opportunities like this one in my life yet – visiting a country far away for one day! Well…..got lucky this timeJ. I got the chance to visit the holy land Israel – city of Tel Aviv. I kept thinking my self – what may I do in those 24 hours being in a totally new place. These are some pictures from my first day (better sad afternoon). I was very surprised about the humidity of the air in Tel Aviv – was so HOT & SWEATY! I stayed in a hotel just at the coast …… yummy! My schedule was planed on a minute. First I met my old good friend I know from my travels in Australia – Ori. We went for an early light dinner right at the port restaurant next to hotel. I do never sweat – but hell yes I did sweat this time!!!!! So what! I had one of the best foods in last days ( I keep writing about the food all the time J!) – Baked eggplant with hummus, and plenty of small Israeli fresh dips – like IKRA! We have had a lovely chat…and the time flied. I was invited to one event in the evening so I had to say bye to Ori and get my self ready for the p-a-r-t-y………..lets talk about the rest in the next post J

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