October 30, 2012

....GARCON......S'il vous plaît.....


Olalá! Back home from Paris, not knowing what to do first at workJ. I’m quite occupied these days. There fore at least one of many pictures from Paris coming. This one is shot while walking in the streets of Paris. It is a waiter on his cigarette brake in bistro.  It is not that clear but I love it anyway! …Lovely Thursday to all of you out there!!!!!

October 24, 2012


Photo: Pinterest...


Only few hours left till I’m going to leave to Paris for few days. Mixing work with exiting time for observing new places is always very enjoyable. The only thing I do not want to forget at home is my camera. Heading in to real autumn Paris season I do have my plans what to see and what to visit. Hope to come back with plenty of beautiful pictures…………..see you all very soon!

October 20, 2012



I’m delighted about this awesome October weather. Spending time in the nature gives me plenty of energy. I like to take my family to the woods in the autumn time – we always look for different animals and new unknown plants and mushrooms with my kids. It’s always very satisfying to watch the children, how they melt in with the nature……

October 18, 2012



Sneezing is my biggest hobby in last few days. I tried to look over the fact that I could get sick after a long time, but here it is. My first day in bad after ages.  Good time for me to link the new post from last Saturday. We may call it the second part of great relaxing city day. After visiting the RETRO market in KC Dunaj, we headed to the jewelry exhibition of Bety K. Majerníková – named “Pozemské záhrady”. Those of you, who are not Slovak, may not know who I’m writing about. But to many of young people in my county, this young lady has been know as a front singer of group Noise Cut, very talented young woman, designer and a young mum. She has past away in spring this year by horrible car accident in the age of 33. I did not know her in person, but many of my friends did. This exhibition has been prepared in memoriam by her friends, as it has been her biggest wish to have an exhibition right at this magical place. Her exhibition takes place in the area of an old city pool hall in Bratislava. It has been shot down in the 90ties. It really is MAGICAL!

If you wish to see more of the pictures from this exhibition, do visit my FB profile J

October 15, 2012

....RETRO BURZA.....


Sunny Saturday. I like days like this! Days in which you plan some things you would like to do, and places you would like to visit, and the actual day comes out even better as you planed. Last Saturday was one of these days for me. I met Niki in the morning – heading to “RETRO BURZA” in KC Dunaj – market for all the pretty things in life. Having a nice morning cup of coffee, chilling, talking and enjoying the lovely view on Bratilava roofs. And that was just the start ……highlights yet to come J