July 29, 2012



One of the first blogs I started to follow in the past was Tonbogirls street style blog. Like many other, who follow Marika and her blog, I immediately liked her natural way of describing situations and people she meets. One of her posts got under my skin – a post about an old shoemaker from Jaffa, the old town of Tell Aviv. I grew up in North Africa, and the story about this old men remind me of my years is spend in Sahara. I used to visit old markets and stores with unforgettable history with my parents in Algeria. There fore I promised to my self – if I should visit Jaffa one day – I will try to find this store. As you may know already – I got to Jaffa few days ago – and I’m very happy about the fact, that I bumped into the shoe store by surprise. The old man was just fitting a pair of boots for a lady visiting his store. I was asking hem kindly, if I may take some pictures of the store. “No problem, take as many as you wish” was his answer. We have hade a very nice conversation. About his work, the past, the future, about China and the shoes machinery. He sad: “You know my dear – I don’t have to explain the quality to the people coming to my store - this is 100% leather – and they see it immediately. They know what quality is about.”  He has been absolutely right. I have visited a similar store in Sardinia few years ago – the smell of leather was amazing. I got my pair of sandals in this store. Only because of this, I did not buy a pair in his place……but I know many other will do J………….Great place, great man…….thanks to Tonbogirl!!!


  1. Krásny príbeh zo života. :-) Tiež mám jedny také sandále, ručne robené, z ťavej kože. Nosím ich často a slúžia výborne.

    Želám ti ešte veľa takých milých okamihov! :-)


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