January 02, 2013



Happy New Year 2013 to everyone! Hope you did enjoy the brake trough to the New Year surrounded with the ones you love the most. I can’t complain in my case at all. Stepping to the year 2013 with my dearest family and having time to do some work in the same time is the best combination for me. I did not write about it before, but my official occupation is in hotel business. Well and for this year, I have planed “White angels New Years eve” in our hotel. I love to have a plan, I love to put my visions on a paper, and I love the challenges while preparing events like this. 31st of December has been full of exciting minutes, while preparing the event for more than 200 people. I can’t describe how great full I’m for all my hotel colleagues and employees – we did a great job as a team. This fact made my first step in to year 2013 very satisfying. I’m looking forward in to 2013…….lets all have a great year J!

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