December 23, 2012



It is about all the sweet and delicious cakes, biscuits and pralines before X-mass. One of my favorites is my own creation of small pralines with chestnuts, rum, marzipan and dried plums.

Here is the recipe:

250g of chestnut puree
150g of marzipan
15 dried plums
4 spoons of rum
200 – 250g of dark chocolate glaze

Cut the dried plums in to small peaces – aprox. one plum in to 3 smaller peaces. Wrap the plum bit in marzipan and make a little ball of it. Mix chestnut puree with rum, and use as second wrapping for the marzipan ball. Melt the chocolate glaze in steam bath. Dive all small chestnut balls in to the chocolate – one after another. Let them dry on a baking paper. You may also switch dried plums with dried cherries. To make the taste more rummy – you may let the dried fruit in rum over night before preparation. Decorate the pralines before the chocolate dries……use your fantasy for the decoration.
Store in cold place, or put in to the freezer – they last for ages!!!!!
Bon apetit!!!! J

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