December 22, 2012



This post was supposed to by about our past years X-mass decorations and the one we are going to have this year. Well – the tree is not standing yet (daddy has been very busy all day long J!). There fore I have decided to move the decorations for tomorrow. There are plenty things to do and prepare anyway. Spending time in the grocery store in the morning, I have been in a very funky mood – no stress at all - comparing to all the people around me. Everyone just grumpy and moody – I have been asking “Why?” all the time. They must have known that they want be the only ones deciding to go for the morning grocery shopping today. Never mind – I did not let anyone ruin my day!!!! Got everything I needed and left back home. We have had a big day with my girls today – painting gingerbread cookies. We do it every year. I always decide to go for the traditional white color – but not his year. I think the happy bride colors will rule our X-mass this year…………..and not only via gingerbread cookies………….lets see the result tomorrow, when the day light comes. Happy X-mass preparation to everyone!!!   

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