August 20, 2012



Sometimes you don’t need much to be happy! This is totally right in my case. I went with Martin and our friends for boating trip for three days. We headed from Bratislava towards Gabčíkovo, and ended in small village Medveďov. For me it has been a first time on such boat trip. I have to tell, it caught me right in the first minute. Spending time with friends in nature, sleeping in tents, making fire, sailing boats, having plenty of fun – YES! Memories like this make me a happier person. I’m glad I have taken my old water proof camera – the pictures are not that clear, but they catch the most important – FUN WE HAVE HAD!  Do you remember the fun you had this summer?


  1. Jednokolečko!!! Nechtiac som vymazala tvoj koment - soooooorrrryyyy :). Rybky boli - NO JASNÉ! :)

  2. tvl :D ja som mal totiz otvorene okno a na konci som dal refresh a kukam, ze vau, to je haluz: nemam tam koment :D :D
    tak ked boli smazene rybicky tak sa lodka-zajazd musel vydarit. Raz pojdeme aj my