February 17, 2014



Simple joy. That is my feeling after each visit at Stará Tržnica. The concept of market events is so easy but so powerful. Finding good food, chilled people and happy kids at one place gives me so much of the positive energy. As I wrote so many times in the past, visiting markets used to be our hobby I shared with my dad. Now after years, being a mom of three precious girls, I do appreciate events like this even more. This little fingers touching fresh groceries, testing all kinds of freshly made meals, they smiles while playing in the kid’s corner, this all just shows that we are at the right place. And the question “Mom, will we come next time again?” just proves the fact………..to visit the market BECOMES TRADITION….

1 comment:

  1. Toto je čistá láska! Myslím, že by sa mi páčilo, chodiť na tržnicu, rozprávať sa s ľuďmi, mať odtiaľ kvalitné jedlo...a vôbec, celá tá atmosféra. Čarovné. Pritom stačí tak málo...
    Vďaka za krásny príspevok. :)