July 09, 2012


Very tempting! While visiting Taormina in Sicily - which was planed to be a sightseeing trip for us – I got positively disturbed. Shop windows. It was not planed, not expected. But as I am only a girl, I want lie to anyone of you, I did enjoy this historical town in both ways! Incredible beautiful old town, full of shop windows. And they did fit in to the town atmosphere in some way. I did not get the feeling of a shopping street at all. And I did not buy a thing that day, or did note visited any of the shops (has been not why I visited this town this time J!), but I did enjoy looking at the beautiful shop windows around me. Ah! Italian shops! Shoes! The stiles! Extraordinary and unique pieces in every shop, which you dont find easily somewhere else. Yes! I’m just a girl! J

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