September 18, 2012



Well, it has been just a while for this time at Dobrý Trh for meL. I don’t know why, but it has been very busy Saturday this time in my case. But I just had to find some time, to visit my favorite market. I usually come to the market place just right at the beginning – which has not been possible this time. And it has been a big difference to the markets in the past. People everywhere! Plenty of people. It has been very hard to get to the tents and to see the offers; it has been even hard to walk in the street this time. And for my person it has been real hard to capture the atmosphere. I’m not one of the tallest people, and I felt very uncomfortable in the “squash”. I love this market, love the place and love to come here. I know if I would have the whole day for it, I probably would get much more of it. Never mind – I have a reason to be happy about the Dobry trh markets coming in next season. And maybe there will be some winter market as well J……who knows!!!

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