May 03, 2013

....MY GIRLS....

Women do not like to tell how old they are after a certain age. I don’t think a do belong to this group. I think there is always something to look fore in every parts of our life. I got 35 two days ago. Having a great Bday lunch with my dear family (will post the pictures very soon J!), spending time with my kids and friends! It felt like Bday today again as I opened the post! MY GIRLS (Adidas limited edition!) necklace from Tonbogirl has arrived and found a new owner – my little person. I wasn’t expecting it will look so cool in real. Its my personal charm from today – for me  and my three little girls……MY GIRLS! Thank you so much Marika!!!!!!!


  1. Vsetko naj! Ja som tento mesiac oslavila 36 a tiez som mala super den. Velmi pekny privesok :)

    1. Všetko najlepšie ti prajem Katka ;)! Aspoň takto dodatočne!