July 05, 2012


I know it has taken a while…..sorry J! Here is my promised recommendation of what to see and not miss while visiting Sicily.
We have decided to rent a small house in the north part of Sicily, next to the marvelous little town Cefalu. I have been looking for a nice house near by the see (because of the little ones)….well got bit wrong for the first time in my life! As I wrote before – Sicily is different – and this place has been very different to what I have been expecting. The house it self was OK, but it has been situated in the middle of unfinished summer houses – it looked like a summer villa resort to me, which has never been finished. Even the beach 3 minutes from our house has been full of rubbish. I was exhausted the first day – felt like a piece of sh***! But then I sad to my self – stay positive! We went for a visit to Cefalu, which raised my mood in a minute. Little historical town - full of line streets, Vespa bikes, pizza restaurants, tiny shops, and sightseeing spots. The city beach (which I normally do not go to) is really clean, with white sand, small bars and people who are always nice to you. I knew - if there want be anything else, we have at least a place for kinds to play!!! Traveling in a “group” - my cousine and her family joined us for this trip – is always good. We have made up a plan, what we should not miss while our stay. As we have been with kids – we had to mix up the time in the right portion – relax and traveling in a balance. The first trip we have taken was to nature park reservation ZINGARO. 1,5 hour drive from Cefalu. If you travel on your own – go for it! But be careful – you have to walk for more than a hour from the parking place to get to the nicest beaches in the park. For this reason we have chosen a small not crowded beach near Scopello. Clear blue water, rocky beach, plenty of little fish, shrimps; starfish and other little creatures have made the day perfect. On our way back to Cefalu we have stopped in Castela Marre del Golfo – the old town is worth to be seen. Watching a football match from the Italian team with native people on the stairs in front of a coffee shop has made even our guys happy J.
Other day, other beach in plan – up east from Cefalu – Capo d´Orlando –  I have had probably one of the best fish ever for lunch in my life! No kidding!
Seeing a beach was not enough for us – we have decided to leave our house for a two day trip! Shall we go south or east – that was the question. As we wanted to visit Syrkuzy and than drive up to north again, we have decided to take the trip to eastern part of the island via the inland. The inland of Sicily has been very dry in this time of a year. With few old cities on our way….but we have been heading straight to Syrakuzy. We wanted to visit also some nice beach in the day time – and have found the right one – Fontane Bianche – it has been a public beach again (I think there are only few nature beaches with no crowd in Sicily – in southern part!), but  this one has been really beautiful. Clean, clean, clean!!! We stayed over night in Syrakuzy – and had to find a place to stay! Please don’t follow the B&B offers in Baedekers! The one we went to based on the recommendation from tourist book was crap! Full of cockroaches! Here is my recommendation – choose Sorella Luna or Piccolo Hotel Casa Mia (both 3* B&B – TOP!). Syrakuzy it self - beautiful historical city!!!!! I will not write about all the things you may visit in this place – our friend Google will help you with that! But if you wish to visit a stylish, great tasting and worth for its price restaurant please go to Per Bacco!!!!! Greta meat and pasta dishes, great wine, surrounding I fell in love with!!! And great restaurants sofas which you may use as beds for sleeping children!!! Hehehehe!
UF! This post is getting bit long – let me give one more advice – please if you get the chance do visit Taormina – stunning town with a great view on Etna! I think this town became a headliner of our trip. I loved the flare of this town (the pictures with bride and groom come from this place!) – and again – one of my restaurant recommendations – Ristorante & Pizzeria Granduca! I could write pages about this trip – but at the end, every one finds what he likes for hem self. I just wanted to let you know about the things I liked and surly would recommend to all of you visiting this differently beautiful island…….keep in touch J


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    1. chcel som len povedať, že i ked k moru nechodím predsa mám dôvod. Morské plody. Presne viem čo je to ked povieš, že ste mali tu naj rybu. Naštastie mi hrozí tento rok podobné cestovanie, preto sa veľmi teším.. a teším sa z tohoto príspevku ,)