July 04, 2012


Watching and photographing older people makes me think every time. I get back to my grand parents and great-grand parents in my memories. I remember a lot about them, as they all have lived quite long. My great-grandma past away when I got 24 years old, she would be 95 in a month time. I remember her riding bike and working in the garden in the ago of 93! The world is changing; people try to stay young as long as possible – as soon as they are healthy. Who knows what the future brings. It may sound as a cliché, but I wish health for my self every time I see pictures like this. Lovely day to everyone!

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  1. nesmírně se těším až budu jako tyhle babičky .. jen tak si posedávat, nicnedělat a řešit co se včera dělo u sousedů. i když ano, má to i tu temnou stránku