November 07, 2012



Bon soir J! Finally I found some spare time to post these pictures from my trip to Paris. It certainly is a place to come back to. Before I travel, I do have my expectations about the places I’ll visit for the first time. Paris served me a mixture of feelings. There have been places I thought I must fall in love with, and other ones, which I have had great expectations for, but have turned out like not really special to me. Well I have had only 3 days to see the main tourist attractions and historical places. I surly put the trip to Paris to my future plans, to get more behind the cite scenes J. My next post will be about small coffee shop opened in year 1903 in the streets of Paris… keep in touch and enjoy!


  1. Spominam na Pariz.. velmi pekne, je to presne tak ako si to zvacnila ,)

  2. v spojitosti s touto temou som dnes nahodne bjavil toto video.. doladuje predstavy..