November 22, 2012

WEEK 22 ....


Time's my 22 week now.....18 weeks left, till the wonder Nr.3 arrives. The girls can't wait to welcome new baby in the family. It's lovely to see them talking to the unborn "bro-sis ", kissing it goodbye on my tummy when they leave to school in the morning. I'm really happy and great full…..for both of them and for the miracle growing insight of me. Winter is coming slowly, days are getting short, evenings are dark, but warm! Warm, in the little circle of our family. Painting castles, princesses, making rings and bracelets, watching fairytales…and eating hot chestnuts…..that is what I love about this time of year!!!!


  1. :) Notre Dame sa mi veľmi páčil a gaštany milujem..
    štastlivo Martina..

    1. :).....dobrý postreh.....tá moja fotka je naozaj z Notre Dame :)!!!! Gaštany sú mňamka...velikááá!

  2. vyzeráš ako pod Bio-lampou ,) výplne okien sú tam majestátne