December 06, 2012



I adore St. Nicolas day! I did when I was little, because of my believe, that there is a nice old grand pa bringing sweets in the night, and I do today…..because of my kids! To see those little faces in the morning, how they gently and quite observe the gifts, touching everything with huge respect and happiness. Its worth every minute!!! Only pity is that they have to wake up so early in the morning – I always prepare the sweets in our winter garden, which gets normally plenty of light, but at 6.15 am it looked more than a night party to themJ. Never mind – they can’t wait to come home from school and kindergarten to have a better look on their sweet surprise. The biggest surprise is the advent calendar from LOVELY LITTLE SOMETHING I both last year – one stocking for every day, with a little surprise in it!!!!
Even my dear husband left his boot for St. Nicolas at the window – some things does not change even if you get older J

My private sweet St. Nicolas has been expecting me in my office in the morning….just love this day!

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