December 16, 2012



One week before X-mass – the time flies – unbelievable. I can’t imagine Christmas without preparations and baking. We do it every year together with one of my best friends Barborka. This year is kind of funny – being pregnant again – it gets little bit harder for me to bake sweets 12 hours in the road J. I will remember this years baking for many years, as my little one had to stay in hospital this morning. Nothing serious, but I wasn’t expecting the doctors to make such decision. I can’t be with her; because of my pregnancy (they don’t allow it in fear of infections …… which is understandable). There fore I have been running between the phone and cakes! I hope to have her and my dear husband home as soon as possible – they should not stay there longer than 2 days (hopefully!!)………..well have to take it positive – better to go trough something like this now, than to have ruined X-mass!

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