June 24, 2013



How do you remember your first year at school? For some it has been a nightmare, some of us loved the school, and for some - as in my case – the first school year of my daughter becomes also the one of mine. I spend my childhood in Africa, and had no chance to attend the first years of primary school. My mum become my teacher – bless her. If I think back on it – she had a tuff job, but I hope she handled it well – hahaha! But lets get back to the topic – my oldest is in her first school year – and she felt in love with her teachers, classmates, things that she learns…..with everything what the school brings. I’m very thankful to her teachers, as I know, they do the best job! She always comes home happy and ready for next school adventure. Knowing, that the first years at school are very important for her future, this fact makes me very happy for her. And for her classmates as well. I have been asked to do some memories shots for the kids – what a cool idea!!! I just could not say no to this special shoot.
So let’s enjoy these pictures, and let’s think back on the times of our first school days for a while…..

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