June 04, 2013



I know this two for nearly 10 years now. The day, when they asked me to shoot their wedding became a very happy day for my little person. To get such trust and honor to be the part of the BIG DAY for Martinka and Borko seamed like a dream to me. Without thinking it over, I immediately sad YES to this shooting. As the day came closer and closer, I realized that it may not be as easy as I may have thought at the beginning. I started to be nervous – did not wanted to mess it up! Oh Gosh!!!!! My first real wedding shooting!  No turning back! ……and we did it! They two have sad their YES and I have made my first full day wedding shoot. Running between the shootings, my girls, baby Liv, wedding guests, delicious wedding sweets…….what a great wedding it was!
This is the first round of pictures in color.

If you wish to see the B&W version do visit my FB profile:

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  1. Ahoj Matka, nadherne jsou fotky, zvladla jsi to uzasne a myslim, ze Borko s Matou jsou nadseni :)
    Takze ted se uz jen priprav na naval novych klientu :)
    Mej se krasne, Aja